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This is not exactly pertaining to the dental field but I feel it’s relevant, neat and potentially lifesaving.

Here is an app where you can store all your medical information for emergency personnel in case something would happen to you. Say a car accident, allergic reaction or someone just needs some general health information about you….it’s all right here conveniently in one little app.

How it generally works:

You put in all medical information; blood type, diseases, allergies, medications etc and then you add a contact list of the people you would like this information text to in case of an emergency. This will also send your current location to these select individuals after you have clicked on the “alarm” button on your phone.

This could be used in cases of abduction or in other emergency situations in which you would not have time to send a text or call 911. You could just push the alarm button & that would inform your contacts that you’re in some sort of serious situation and again would send them your location.

I think that alone is a pretty great feature.

You can also have some important information displayed on your lock screen if you would like and scan in your ID and insurance card into the app as well. There’s minor differences between these apps for android and iphone users.

Here are links for both if you’re interested in researching further.