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If you’re nervous about — or downright fearful of — visiting the dentist, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans put off dental appointments because of fear.

Unfortunately, skipping those dental checkups is taking a gamble with your health. You could be putting yourself at risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and even conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers by letting your oral health go unchecked.

Here are some helpful tips & information to ease your anxiety about coming to the dreaded dentist:


  1. Communication: tell us about your fears. This information will help Dr. Garchow determine how to best manage and address those fears. By letting him know exactly why the experience is difficult for you, you will feel more control in the examination chair.


  1. Remember that dental procedures have greatly improved in the past few years. Modern dentistry offers new methods and treatment options to make you feel comfortable.


  1. Explanation of treatment: Dr. Garchow is great at explaining the entire procedure to you beforehand, as well as walking you through step-by-step while the procedure is being performed. You always have the right to fully understand the work being done on your teeth.


  1. Consider additional medication to relax. We offer nitrous oxide, or anti-anxiety medicine for extremely nervous patients.


  1. Breathe deeply and try to relax. Practice relaxation techniques before and during the appointment. We also recommend listening to music, or scheduling an appointment first thing in the morning, before the stresses of the day add up.


  1. Talk to doctor about stopping if you’re uncomfortable. This puts you in control of the procedure and alerts him if you’re uncomfortable or need to take a break during the appointment.


  1. Visit our dentist office regularly to prevent problems. For fearful patients, just going for a checkup can be nerve-wracking, but the more you come to the dentist regularly for routine cleanings, the more likely you are to avoid larger problems that result in extensive and costly procedures.


  1. Go slow. Dr. Garchow is more than happy to go slow with nervous patients. If possible, make sure your first visit is a simple one, just x-rays and an exam with doctor. This will help build your relationship with the him before going in for a more difficult procedure.